The Election…and Your Feelings

election-2016Many Americans work up Wednesday morning feeling absolutely stunned…then afraid…confused…and some even angry.

However…did you know that your feelings are not coming from the election!

They are coming from your beliefs about the election.

This is a principle that was suggested back in a little book titled “A Guide to Rational Living,” written by Dr. Albert Ellis…the second most influential psychologist in the history of psychology!

He suggested that our feelings do NOT come from what is happening to us, or how we were raised, or events in our lives.  They come from our beliefs about what is happening to us…our beliefs about how we were raised…our beliefs about events in our lives.

And dear reader…we can change those beliefs! And when we do, our feelings…follow!

Let me illustrate. Imagine that your name is Joe and we’ve been friends for years. One Saturday morning, I show up on your front porch with a shovel. “Hi Joe!  Can I dig a hole in your back yard?”

“Ok, go ahead.” So I go to your back yard and start digging a hole. As you watch me digging, beliefs begin forming in your mind. “We’ve been friends for years…Steve knows that today is my birthday. He also knows I love trees. Oh! That’s what Steve is doing!  He’s digging a hole in my back yard to plant a tree for my birthday! Oh Steve….you’re so sweet. Call Mary over and we’ll have pizza tonight to celebrate my birthday!”

However, here’s another scenario. We HATE each other, and I show up on your front porch one Saturday morning, and announce that I’m digging a hole in your back yard. As you watch me, your beliefs are completely different. You believe that I am digging a hole to bury you in it.  Your feelings are then angry and fearful and hateful.

Now…watch this! Same Joe…same Steve…same Saturday morning…same front porch… same back yard… same shovel…same hole…but completely different beliefs.


Our feelings follow our beliefs!

Now.. our brains believe everything we tell them…without question.

So…when you believe certain things about the election, your feelings are coming from those beliefs. In addition, your brain is then doing everything it can to make those beliefs come true.

That’s its job!

Perhaps we can change our beliefs from something bad is happening to America, to the need to saturate America with prayer, especially prayer for our new president…that God would turn him into one of the best presidents we have ever had.

God can do that, you know.

He took a man named Saul, who was such a radical in his time that would have been a leader of ISIS today, brought him to Christ, changed his name to Paul, and had him write a third of the Old Testament.

God can do that with Donald Trump!

Perhaps the best thing that has come out of this election is that it has brought Americans to their knees in prayer.

Maybe that’s the best place we could be!

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