Procrastination Can Be a Real Killer of Dreams

However, here is the truth on the matter.

Procrastination is the opposite of perfectionism. We produce something by pulling it forward, while procrastination causes us to push it forward—to tomorrow, to next week, or ultimately to never.

And here’s the rub…

Procrastination can not only fill us with some pretty negative feelings about ourselves, it can cause us to procrastinate even more.

Now, all sorts of solutions have arisen to deal with procrastination; find the root cause, reward yourself, or watch for icebergs.

However, here is something wonderful!

Studies by Albert Ellis and many others have found that our feelings don’t come from procrastination; they come what we say to ourselves about procrastination.

So my approach is different. It does not begin with the circumstances you are facing; it begins with what you are saying to yourself about the circumstances you are facing, and how you can change what you are saying.

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