Which Of The Following Is A Criticism Of Piaget’S Cognitive Development Theory?

Which Of The Following Is A Criticism Of Piaget
Piaget only describes the kinds of thinking a child can and cannot do; he does not explain how the changes in thinking occur. Some critics would say that this does not make it a proper theory because theories should offer reasons as to why things happen. Piaget’s theory has been criticized for this reason.

Which of the following is criticism of Piaget’s?

The answer, along with an explanation: Option A is the one that will give the appropriate response to this challenge. Piaget failed to accurately predict the ages at which children reached their full cognitive potential. As a result of the findings of a number of studies, Option A is the one that should be selected given that Jean Piaget’s hypothesis on the age at which children acquire specific talents has been refuted.

  • For instance, perspective-taking in youngsters as young as five years old has been found on occasion.
  • According to Piaget, egocentrism does not go away until a person reaches the concrete operational stage of development (7-12 years old).
  • The idea that cognitive development occurs in phases has been backed up by research (option B is incorrect).

Because it stands in stark contrast to choice A, alternative C cannot be the proper answer.

Which of the following is a criticism of Piaget’s theory of cognitive quizlet?

One of the arguments against Piaget’s hypothesis is that it incorrectly places too much weight on the role that interactions with one’s family, friends, and teachers have in one’s cognitive development.