What Are The Main Factors That Have Influenced Your Personal Development?

What Are The Main Factors That Have Influenced Your Personal Development

What is the most influential contributing factor in the development of human personality?

Nature versus nurture – Some social scientists believe that an individual’s personality is comprised of a patterned body of habits, traits, attitudes, and ideas. These characteristics of an individual are organized externally into roles and statuses, and internally, they relate to motivation, goals, and various aspects of selfhood.

The definition of personality may be found at www.sociologyguide.com/personality/meaning-of-personality.php. Personality is the primary factor that determines how we interact with the world around us and how we respond to various circumstances.

There is no such thing as two persons sharing the same personality. The course of a person’s life is accompanied by consistent changes in their personality. The dispute referred to as “nature versus nurture” centers on the question of whether or not social or biological factors have a greater impact on the process of socializing.

  1. Nature vs nurture is a concept that has been the subject of heated discussion among social scientists for a very long time;
  2. There is a school of thought amongst scientists that points to heredity as the cause;

Heredity refers to the passing of genetic characteristics from parents to children. Some people believe that our identities are fully predetermined by our genes. This theory asserts that our personalities, areas of interest, and abilities are determined before we are born.

According to this point of view, then, who we are is determined by our natural surroundings. On the other side, there are many who contend that an individual’s personality may be predicted based on their social surroundings.

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Some authorities maintain that our personalities are the direct outcome of our upbringing, namely the interactions we have and the care that we get. There are still some social scientists who subscribe to the theory that personality and social conduct are the product of a complex interaction between genetics and upbringing.

Which of the following factors is most likely to influence personality?

The answer, along with an explanation: Heredity is the right answer, therefore select that option. When a person is born, they immediately begin the process of developing the foundational aspects of their personality. After a certain amount of time has passed, it is inherited by individuals.

The characteristics, behaviors, and characteristics of a person’s personality that are determined by their inherited traits. Therefore, one’s socioeconomic status, mood, circle of friends, and level of education do not have a significant impact on their personality.

The impact that one’s genes play in determining their personality is always the most significant and fundamental one.

What are the social factors affecting personality development?

Social Factors of Personality – When an individual interacts with other people in his or her group, a give-and-take relationship takes place, and it affects the personality of an individual. Social factors of personality are responsible for the formation of personality; when an individual has group experience and contact with others, the personality of an individual is influenced by others; the degree to which that influence is negative or positive depends on the associations that he or she maintains.

Every member of a community has a certain purpose and carries a certain rank. For instance, in our culture, it is anticipated that younger people will show respect for those who are older. An individual’s personality may also be shaped by the many other aspects of society, such as the surroundings, the people they spend their time with, their families, and the media that they consume on a daily basis.

We may argue that whatever that an individual’s social life interacts with impacts that individual’s personality and helps form either a positive or negative personality in that individual.

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Which of the following factor influences personality development of a child?

Answer (Detailed Solution Provided Below) – Option 4: All of the Above A person’s personality is the only thing that they are. It encompasses an individual’s actions in relation to both himself and other people in their environment.

  • A person’s physical, emotional, social, cerebral, and spiritual make-up are all components of their personality. Personality encompasses all aspects of a person.
  • It is a term that refers to the various facets of a person’s personality, such as their interests, conduct, intellect, and so on.

Factors that have a role in the formation of a child’s personality include the following:

  • Hereditary: Because an individual’s inborn characteristics, instincts, potentials, and IQ are all dependent on heredity, heredity is the factor that plays the most significant part in the “Personality development of the kid.” ​
  • Environment has a significant role in the formation of a person’s personality, particularly their physical setting. According to the findings of the research, one’s personality may be attributed between 50 and 70 percent to their physical surroundings. Environment has a role in the development of all mental and social characteristics.
  • Humans are social animals, hence their natural habitat is a social one. We are born into and raised as members of society. As a result, the formation of a person’s personality is influenced by environmental factors, as well as by social institutions such as families, schools, and religious organizations, as well as by peer groups, neighborhoods, and other social groupings.
  • Economic Factors: This research demonstrated that economic factors have an impact on our perspectives and attitudes, and as a result, our personalities. In addition, you might have noticed that children who originate from families with poor incomes frequently struggle with low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and shyness.
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As a result, we may reach the following conclusion: all circumstances impact the formation of a child’s personality.