How Trying New Things Leads To Personal Development?

How Trying New Things Leads To Personal Development
When was the last time that you did anything completely different? – Putting oneself out there and doing new things may surely be intimidating. The unknown tends to make us anxious in a way that is difficult to put into words. The very act of venturing outside of our safe haven exposes us to a precarious situation and provides us with a barrage of questions to ponder as we try to find our footing in the new environment.

We question ourselves: “Should I be engaging in this activity? Could I pull this off? Do I appear stupid? What am I making myself do!” This is quite normal, despite the fact that it might not seem that way, and it is beneficial.

All too frequently, we allow our dread of the unknown to prevent us from taking action. However, it is beneficial for us to challenge ourselves to step beyond of our comfort zones. Not only can exposing ourselves to new experiences help us overcome our phobias, but it also enables us to grow intellectually and acquire new knowledge, both about the new experience and about who we are.

Then there is the frenzy that ensues. There is nothing quite like — or as unforgettable as — the excitement of doing something for the first time. People who engage in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and minimize negative ones, according to Rich Walker, a psychologist who looked at countless event memories and was interviewed by TIME.

This information was gleaned from an interview with Walker, which was published in the magazine TIME. Now, we’re not suggesting that in order to have a new experience, you have to do anything extreme like jump out of an airplane or give flying trapeze a shot (though we wouldn’t stop you if you wanted to).

  • To step outside of your comfort zone, you may not necessarily have to do anything as extreme as climbing to a height that is hundreds of feet above the ground;
  • Although, if we’re being completely honest, doing something that’s completely new to you could simply give you the impression that you’re flying through the air anyhow;
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You may always begin by “flying” a little bit closer to the ground with an exercise like AcroYoga. Or, you might begin by teaching yourself a new skill that you’ve always been curious about, such as how to play the ukulele or do an inversion. This would be an excellent (and less terrifying) place to begin.

  • In addition to being memorable and providing us with a pleasure that is typically accompanied by happy feelings, there are also some genuine health advantages that can result from attempting to live our lives to the fullest by engaging in activities that are new to us;

Gary Marcus, a cognitive psychologist, recently contributed an essay to CNN in which he discussed the benefits of learning new things and attempting new things, as well as the good influence that this has on both our personal growth and our health. According to Marcus, Aristotle recognized that there is a distinction between the joys of the present (hedonia) and the satisfaction that comes from continuously growing and living one’s life to the fullest.

  • This fulfillment comes from living one’s life to the fullest (eudaimonia);
  • In recent years, researchers have at long last started looking into the concept of eudaimonia;
  • Research indicates that a lower level of the stress hormone cortisol, improved immunological function, and more effective sleep are correlated with eudaimonia;

Eudaimonia is also connected with a higher feeling of purpose and personal progress. You may try something “new” in a manner that is less daunting by giving experiences that currently make you happy a new twist, which is another method to enhance the happiness you get from them.

  • Changing things up might be an effective way to keep your inspiration and motivation levels up;
  • Because, let’s be honest, adhering to the same boring routine day in and day out may make life feel very repetitive and lackluster at times;
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Consider, for instance, the way you normally work out. When was the last time you got off your stationary bike and onto the ground to get some exercise? In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Jordan Metzl, a sports medicine specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, said the following: “Trying something new that changes up your routine can really give you a fresh perspective and get you motivated.” Put that gym membership on hold, because the warm weather is on its way, and go for a run outside to give your exercise program the much-needed boost that it requires.

Get out on the water and give stand-up paddleboard yoga a shot. If you’re a fan of yoga and you’ve been trying to grow your yogi community, the best place for you to do so is at a festival or at an outdoor gathering in the natural environment.

When it comes to attempting something new, the options are practically limitless, and whether you take a giant leap or a tiny jump outside of your comfort zone, you will still reap the rewards of doing so. Join a club or go on an excursion by yourself, socialize with new people, educate yourself in a new discipline, extend your horizons, and give your spirit a lift.

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  2. She has a continual urge to be moving, and she looks for excitement in all that she does;
  3. She is an eager seeker of endorphins;
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