How To Levitate Through Meditation?

How To Levitate Through Meditation
In order to perfect the art of levitation, one must establish certain habits in their daily life and stick to them. – Things to Keep in Mind and Learn Regarding Levitation: 1. Empty Your Mind The first step is to empty your mind of any distractions. You can begin with whatever form of meditation you choose, including transcendental meditation, or you can practice both.

Your mind may be calmed, your creativity can be increased, and your brain’s functioning can be improved by practicing transcendental meditation, which is an easy and effortless approach. You can even strengthen your psychic abilities by engaging in a meditative practice known as psychic meditation.2.

Exercise: You can extend your body by exercising, but yoga is much better since it helps you relax while stretching your body.3. Get correct Diet: Be cautious of your meals consumed. To cleanse your body, you must consume the appropriate hygienic foods.

Psychic abilities may thrive far more readily in a body that has been purged. In addition, your body need the appropriate amount of rest.4. Have faith in yourself and have faith that levitation is possible to attain. Always have faith in your own abilities. You must never, ever give yourself permission to have any misgivings.5.

Visualize: On a regular basis, visualize that energy is flowing through your body and that you are getting lighter and lighter. This will help you achieve point number five. You may either stand or sit and use your visualization skills to picture yourself rising off the ground.

  1. Keep the image in your mind for a bit, and then slowly let your body to sink back down to the earth.
  2. Always keep doing this.
  3. Having the ability to levitate is comparable to having attained a state of spiritual enlightenment.
  4. Therefore, those who are actively involved in their spiritual practice are able to effortlessly achieve this occurrence.
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It is recommended that you focus on attaining enlightenment rather than levitation; doing so will make it much simpler for you to levitate in the future, maybe while you are meditating. Additionally, check out the Miracle Mastery.

Is it possible to float when meditating?

Taking a “shortcut” to meditation through the practice of floating In point of fact, it is not uncommon for the great relaxation that one feels when floating to spontaneously bring them into a meditative state. This occurs regardless of whether or not the individual has any meditation skill at all. Of course, everyone’s experience is unique.

What is levitation meditation?

When viewed through the lens of a camera, a person who is bouncing may give the impression that they are levitating. Optical illusions like this one are utilized by spiritualist mediums and religious organizations to give the appearance that their meditation practices enable them to float in the air.