How To Chakra Meditation?

How To Chakra Meditation
Meditation on the Chakras: Eight Steps to Practice – The following instructions detail how to perform a chakra meditation in order to bring your chakra energy into balance and alignment. The following comes to us courtesy of Holistic Review Quarterly: The first step in practicing chakra meditation is to find a comfortable posture to sit in and to keep your spine straight without tensing it up.

  1. After that, you should direct your attention to each individual component of your body, beginning with your feet and working your way up.
  2. While you are doing this, focus on relaxing that area of your body and allowing the stress to slip away.
  3. When practicing chakra meditation, the next stage is to concentrate on the breath.

Do not try to push it; rather, focus on maintaining a regular and deep breathing pattern. There is a good chance that your mind may wander; when it does, gently bring it back to the breath, and keep your attention fixed on each inhale and exhalation that you take.

Imagine the oxygen entering your lungs and traveling through your body to reach your bloodstream. Imagine it supplying all of the muscles, organs, and cells in your body with nourishment, and then see it flushing the toxins out of your body as you exhale them. Do this while continuing to visualize it.

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The next step in chakra meditation is visualizing the beating of the heart and the body’s organs doing their functions perfectly. Observe how well all of the components fit together to form the whole. Observe how the breath provides support for all of these components as well as the body as a whole.

  1. Be conscious of the fact that the breath is the vital power that sustains the complete organism that you refer to as your body.
  2. The next step in chakra meditation is to imagine that you are taking in a life-affirming energy together with the air that you are breathing in.
  3. Visualize this energy as a hue that is somewhere between yellow and orange.
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Feel this energy permeate every part of your body and fill your aura up completely. Imagine that as this great energy is infused into your aura, it is getting stronger and brighter, and it is being charged with this extraordinary energy. Perform this step gently, allowing the aura to gradually get brighter, and ensure that this energy is continuously pouring in with each breath.

In the next step of our meditation on the chakra system, we will focus on energizing each of the different chakras. The root chakra is located in the bottom part of the back. Imagine that you are feeding a vortex of energy that is spinning in a clockwise direction with the energy that you are breathing in, and this vortex is growing stronger and brighter as a result.

Next, we are going to pretend that there is still another source of energy that is emerging from the ground. This is the same energy that provides life, and it contributes to the energy that is circulating around the root chakra. The next chakra that we are going to focus on in our meditation is the sacral chakra.

  • Then, beginning with the solar plexus chakra and working our way up, we go on to the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the head chakra, and ultimately the crown chakra, filling each one with the energy that sustains life.
  • Take your time with this, and if you feel like you need to spend more time on one chakra, you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.
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It is recommended that you always start at the bottom and work your way up, and that you avoid skipping about. Because each chakra has its own unique effect on the others, stimulating a higher chakra before a lower chakra may have unintended consequences.

The final stage of chakra meditation is to imagine that all of the chakras are simultaneously being nourished by the energy that is entering through the breath and rising from the earth. Keep in mind to see your chakras and aura gaining brightness, clarity, and a tremendous amount of charge as a result of this energy that gives life.

At long last, we are able to relax for a few minutes with our eyes open as we enjoy some fresh air. Pay close attention to your physical sensations, especially how amazing and energizing they now are. Make it a goal to practice for fifteen to thirty minutes at each sitting.

How do you unlock all chakras?

Various energy centers in your body are referred to as chakras. Each chakra is associated with a different set of nerve bundles and internal organs. Your primary chakras begin at the bottom of your spine and go all the way up to the crown of your head.

  • In the event that these energy centers get blocked, you may feel symptoms connected to a particular chakra in your body or in your emotions.
  • By engaging in specific yoga positions, you may be able to clear any blockages in your chakras as well as restore their natural equilibrium.
  • Practicing some types of meditation and breathing techniques may also be beneficial.
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Working with a professional energy healer, such as a reiki practitioner or a qualified yoga instructor, is a good idea if you aren’t sure where to begin or if you just want to learn more about your chakras and how they may influence you. Some examples of these types of energy healers are.