I help people change the way they talk to themselves to create the lives they want.

All of us struggle with negative self-talk. You know that voice inside that tells you you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not this enough, you’re not that enough…. In fact around 70% of what we say to ourselves about ourselves is negative. Can you believe that? If you’re reading this, then you probably can. Let’s have some fun with negative thinking, shall we? Answer the questions to yourself in the slides below. Don’t worry, these are fun and will literally take one minute. Then read on.

So how many did you get wrong? One? All? You know why? Because although the brain is a miraculous thing, it is wrong—A LOT. Why is that? Let’s look at a few more slides below.

Why do you keep getting most if not all of these wrong? Because the brain works off memorized patterns. That’s all! It doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it doesn’t mean anything, except that your brain is working as it should by using patterns.

This tells us that all you have to do to change your negative thinking is to change those memorized patterns that you fall into when things go wrong.

Imagine if when you made a mistake your first thought, instead of being, “I’m so stupid!,” was, “Keep going. You can do this!”

What do you think you could accomplish if your brain always had your back?

If it was always convincing you that you have what it takes instead of telling you to quit? And what, if it was working for you behind the scenes as well to find the solutions to your problems? This is what the brain does when you start training it to think positively.

That’s what I’ve been spending the last 25 years teaching people—how to change the way they talk to themselves so they can achieve the goals they want.

I know this works because I am a recovering negative thinker myself. It wasn’t until I started really studying cognitive and behavior psychology some 25 years ago that I realized my negative thinking was nothing more than a learned behavior—patterns my brain quickly resorted to out of habit. Once I changed my thinking, it changed my life.

Since then I’ve gone on to teach this material and train thousands of people including clients like Kaiser Permanente, Wells Fargo, State Farm and Sonoma State University. I’ve seen personally the changes that people are able to make in their lives simply by changing the way they talk to themselves.

If you’re interested in working with me personally to change negative thinking habits and go after the life you want, book a free 30-minute coaching interest call now.