Hi. I'm Steven Campbell.

I write books, speak, and share the most useful discoveries about the brain to help you become the person you have always wanted to be.

Who is Steven Campbell and How Does He Know About This Stuff?

I have been a professor, speaker, author, father and husband  – married for over 47 years – who has been teaching Tame Your Mind for colleges, universities, businesses and audiences for over 30 years.

All of this really began when I was laid off during the Great Recession of 2008

This could have been the most terrible time in my life, but it wasn’t – thanks to the book I wrote titled “Making Your Mind Magnificent.”

 “Making Your Mind Magnificent” reveals how my feelings did NOT come from losing my job – they came from what I SAID TO MYSELF about losing my job.  So by learning how to replace what I was saying to myself with positive messages, I also learned I now had the power to create any life I wanted. 

Since then I’ve gone on to:

• Create a business and life that I love that allows me plenty of time with my family. 

• Speak and share my message with over 32,000 people 

• Become a regular speaker at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.

• Host my own radio program every Wednesday morning on KOWS.FM.

• Continue to sell my book which is now in it’s fourth printing! 

I did this all at the age of 62!


I want you to use my discoveries to optimize the messages you are giving to yourself all day long.

• Spend some time exploring my blog to get a sense of what I teach. My blogs are designed to help you change what you are saying to yourself about yourself all day long.

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My readers and listeners are the reason Rewiring Your Mind has been thriving over the last thirty years. I have not built this site for me, but for you. I love hearing stories of your own successes—so much that I’ve built a special page just to highlight my readers’ successes.
Thanks for reading this! I’d love to have you join me and my community of other aspiring people who want to optimize what they are saying to themselves about themselves.


Over the past 25 years I’ve spoken and taught over 32,000 people about how to use the power of their brains to unleash the lives they want.


I work privately with clients to change what they are saying to themselves about themselves to get the results they want.

what my clients say

Steven presents a clear roadmap for how we might better utilize our most important asset, our brain. His simple-to-understand lecture makes it easy for anyone to walk away with a game plan to improve their cognitive capabilities and learning skills.
Boku Kodama
Director, Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
Steven is engaging and an all pro speaker. He knows how to take over an audience and keep them interested. I would recommend him for any audience of any age.
Chuck Seebock
Little Sir, SIR-Sons in Retirement Branch 147 Petaluma


Tame Your Mind

Unleash Your Life

Digital Course

A four hour masterclass in 
creating a positive mindset

Learn how to change your thoughts in the privacy of your own home, on your commute, and at your own pace.


Making Your Mind Magnificent

Are you struggling to make real change happen in your life? What if you could end negative thinking, improve your focus and clarity, enhance problem solving, and create the life you want? In this book I use the science of Cognitive Psychology to show you how.


Tune into KOWS 92.5 radio every Wednesday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. for Steven’s radio program. Learn about practical applications of the latest research in physiology and psychology of the brain, listen to experts and call in your questions.