Reviews: What People Say about Brain Whisperer Steven Campbell

Steven Campbell is an author, keynote speaker, trainer and media personality. This page includes a sampling of the kind of comments people routinely say after being exposed to his books, his presentations and his message.

“In all my years as a practicing psychologist I have attended many seminars on the brain and behavior… but none quite like yours. Your style of presentation is so intellectually and emotionally palpable it’s actually scintillating at times. The material seems fresh and exciting even if it already familiar. Everything comes alive. You really have found your calling, and it is a profound pleasure to witness and participate in it! Thanks so much.”
—Kelley Shawn Dolan, Ph. D., Licensed Psychologist

“When I first heard Steve, it was at a conference I was attending where he was one of the keynote speakers. It seemed that after he started speaking, suddenly it was over! He was fabulous, and his ideas where amazing. I bought his book and literally started reading it while I walked away after his presentation. This book is a must read for anyone who would like to change their life.”
—Michelle A. Douhitt, Administrative Assistant

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Steve’s book. The only problem was that I did not want to do the work at the end of each chapter because I wanted to read on. So this week I am going to read it again and do the work this time. He is such a good writer and a seamless editor. He really made me think about how I do things and how I could…and should do them differently. It came just in time. As I go through a life change this year I am learning how to think about things in a new way so it was like he wrote this book for me.”
—Pamela. E. Honsberger, M.D. Assistant Area Medical Director

“Steven Campbell has spent 20 years studying and teaching about the latest research on how the mind works and how we can harness its awesome power to recreate ourselves. He points out that we have hundreds, maybe thousands of self images, some that we like and some that drag us down. We can’t erase any of the negative self images. But we can create a stronger picture for the mind to latch on to. The stronger picture can override the already present, negative self images. The book gives step by step instructions as to how to do this.

The book is organized with an understanding of how the mind learns. Each chapter is brief, explaining only one or two points. Each chapter also reviews what was said in previous chapters and where the line of thinking is going in the next chapter. The body of knowledge builds in a way that the mind can grasp and remember. The book is also filled with anecdotal stories that highlight the points that are made. The stories make the theories come alive. There are also simple questions for the reader to ask himself at the end of each chapter.

This method of learning is right in line with the premise of the book. The author includes references to some of the most important research on how the brain functions from the last century to the present, with an emphasis on the breakthrough research that has come about in the last 20 years. By the end of the book, the reader will have the tools he needs to make his mind his mentor. The book has helped me get past mental blocks that have prevented me from living my life to its fullest. I will be forever changed because I read this book.”
—Sallee O’Brien, Healthcare Professional

“You made a huge impact on everyone, including me. Everyone was thirsty for more of your knowledge and positive thinking.”
—Robin Bianchini, Prudential Real Estate

“I heard Steven lecture before I read his book, and was deeply impressed by his easy style and the wealth of information he has assembled. Having the book serves as a great review of his wisdom and an opportunity to ponder each of the many helpful ideas he puts forward. This book will not change your life — only you can do that — but it will show you a number of practical ways you can get your mind to help you change your day to day behavior.

Your mind, friend or foe? This book will help your mind work to help you achieve a happier more productive life at any age.

Up till now, I have considered myself a slow reader; however, I am very hungry for what you are saying in your book so I might read it faster! The first chapter was immediately life-changing because I thought that my chaotic background was the reason I had difficulty in doing things, but now I understand that chaos is a part of life and no big deal. It does not have to be my destiny! I am learning already!”
—Earl B. Cruser, Marriage and Family Counseling

“It appears that we could have had you for the whole conference and it would not have been enough for our attendees. That tells me that you have a valued message that is needed in other activity professional circles. It also is a message to me that we may need you to come commune with us again.”
—Lana Sremba, Activity Director

“Your presentation to the Sonoma County Section on Aging on March 17th was received with resounding applause and appreciation. The evaluations were tallied, and 100{3d2d0f7b0f05c8e17b7ad2b23aecf4ef80e32419d3b7af719b6d22f1cf6f4b9c} of the group found the information useful in the work they do. In fact, they are still talking about you.

It was especially impressive to me because you spoke so masterfully about positive behaviors people can apply to hurdle their ‘can’t dos.’ The topic is important for this group because by and large they are in the homes of seniors daily and the task of supporting people in their latest stage of life can require teaching new sills. You surely offered them new skills in your presentation.

I have just finished reading “Making Your Mind Magnificent” and I can’t tell you how much I learned from it. I wasn’t reading it, I was studying and adapting his idea and it has made such a difference in my life.”
–Ede, The Lodge at Paulin Creek

“Thanks, Steve. I truly appreciate all you have done for me and our people. What you have done for us at State Farm:

  1. Our Business plans were changed to put in the present due to your teaching
  2. Culture and engagement of our employees have improved.
  3. How we communicate and focusing on Results in the present.
  4. Employees felt more in control of their results
  5. Processes were taught that have been scientifically proven that are being used by our employees.
  6. Your class is being used by our Agency force and assisting our agents on getting results.

You really have made a great positive impact on me and our team.”
–Greg Jones, Supervisor of Administrative Services, State Farm Insurance of Rohnert Park

“Well, as expected, you were the belle of the ball! The committee is still talking about everything they learned and how your presentation really was phenomenal! We are having a debriefing this week and I’ll let you know if anything further is said. Thanks again for your participation!”
–Joy Lovinger, Senior Placement Services

“Steve has been coming to our office for about six months for bi-weekly or monthly sessions where he educates our staff on the way one’s mind processes information and offers us varying models and approaches we can uses as recruiters to better market our services to potential clients as well as to how best work with our candidates during the recruitment process.

We have found his training to add just the right amount of “human touch” to our sales and marketing approach and our staff looks forward to his sessions, not only for the insight they provide but because we seems to always leave the sessions with at least one tangible piece of information which we could immediately put into practice on our desks.
–Tim J. Mattis, Ensearch Professional Recruiters

“Steve is a complete joy to work with and to listen to. It is a shame I can only choose three attributes to describe Steve, he easily qualifies for all 7. Steve agreed to volunteer his time to conduct a free seminar at a church business group that I belong to. I think it would be safe to say that Steve changed several people’s lives after listening to his presentation. I would recommend Steve as a lecturer, speaker, or mentor to anyone interested in improving his or her life of business career. If you ever have the chance to go listen to one of Steve’s presentations, DO IT. You will not be sorry.”
–Michael Sinatra, Writer/Editor


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“In all my years as a practicing psychologist I have attended many seminars on the brain and behavior… but none quite like yours. Your style of presentation is so intellectually and emotionally palpable it’s actually scintillating at times. The material seems fresh and exciting even if it already familiar. Everything comes alive. You really have found your calling, and it is a profound pleasure to witness and participate in it! Thanks so much.” —Kelley Shawn Dolan, Ph. D., Licensed Psychologist

“Steven gave a talk that was very well received. We invited him to expand on these themes with monthly noon talks at Kaiser, which are still ongoing. We learned a positive way of responding to our mistakes and growing from them. We learned how to identify self images that we carry within ourselves that keep us from reaching our potential. We then learned how to create new self images and use them to move toward our goals.

“It sounds simple, but the effects can be rapid and powerful. Several of our staff, and physicians, found some of the effects life-changing. It led to an improvement in teamwork and morale and positive attitudes on the unit. I read his book and used it to help myself. As a result, I have developed a positive approach toward improving areas in my personal and professional life that I had previously figured would never change, but now are making some positive steps.”

—Maury Schulkin, M.D., Kaiser Permanente