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Making Yoiur MindSteve’s Book – Making Your Mind Magnificent

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“Making Your Mind Magnificent” describes the unbelievable capacity your brain has to learn and grow and change followed by a simple and comprehensive understanding of how your mind works. It then teaches you straightforward and easy-to-understand scientific principles that significantly increase both the quality and the successes of your life.

Book- PrintSteve’s Audio – Making Your Mind Magnificent – Read by the Author Himself

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“Making Your Mind Magnificent” offers the book’s author, Steven Campbell, MMIS, reading his own book, along with the passion and excitement he holds for the subject.

Book- PrintCombination Book and Audio

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Get both the “Making Your Mind Magnificent” print version of the book plus the audio version read by author Steven Campbell.

Making Your Mind Magnificent, read by the author himself, is also available on Audio.

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Forever Changed by this Book

“Steven Campbell has spent 20 years studying and teaching about the latest research on how the mind works and how we can harness its awesome power to recreate ourselves. He points out that we have hundreds, maybe thousands of self images, some that we like and some that drag us down. We can’t erase any of the negative self images. But we can create a stronger picture for the mind to latch on to. The stronger picture can override the already present, negative self images. The book gives step by step instructions as to how to do this.

The book is organized with an understanding of how the mind learns. Each chapter is brief, explaining only one or two points. Each chapter also reviews what was said in previous chapters and where the line of thinking is going in the next chapter. The body of knowledge builds in a way that the mind can grasp and remember. The book is also filled with anecdotal stories that highlight the points that are made. The stories make the theories come alive. There are also simple questions for the reader to ask himself at the end of each chapter.

This method of learning is right in line with the premise of the book. The author includes references to some of the most important research on how the brain functions from the last century to the present, with an emphasis on the breakthrough research that has come about in the last 20 years. By the end of the book, the reader will have the tools he needs to make his mind his mentor.

The book has helped me get past mental blocks that have prevented me from living my life to its fullest. I will be forever changed because I read this book.”
—Sallee O’Brien, Healthcare Professional