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Many of us are convinced that we are hopelessly linked to our past. We say to ourselves, “After all, doesn’t my upbringing as a kid, or what I did or did not do remain a part of me all my life?” It is the idea that your past remains all-important; that because something once strongly [...]

The Election…and Your Feelings

Many Americans work up Wednesday morning feeling absolutely stunned…then afraid...confused…and some even angry. However…did you know that your feelings are not coming from the election! They are coming from your beliefs about the election. This is a principle that was suggested back in a little book titled “A Guide to Rational Living,” written by Dr. [...]

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Creating Goals that Work for YOU

Change, goals and your future A goal always involves the future, which is the reason that many of them are not met. Let me explain. All of us must live in the present, so to create “Goals that work,” let’s learn how to take those goals and put them in the present…where you and are [...]

Two Steps for Replacing Resentment with Compassion

Many unions end “not with a bang, but a whimper.”  Their final rupture is not caused by too much anger or abuse or infidelity. They die a slow death from too little compassion. Many years ago, one of my students asked me, ‘Mr. Campbell…how do you stay married…much less in love….with the same person for 44 years?” Good [...]

How Long Does It Take to Form a Habit

People are always asking, “So…how long does it take for me to form a habit, and how long does it take for my brain to rewire itself?[i] The answer used to be “21 days!” And it came from a plastic surgeon. In 1925, Dr. Maxwell Maltz began his practice in facial reconstruction, Over time, he [...]

What Does Meditation Do to Your Brain?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you don’t need to be told about the relaxing effects of meditation. Its practitioners vouch for it; and even those who don’t will not dispute its effectiveness. And now, neuro-scientists are discovering how meditation can actually alter your brain’s chemistry and functionality.   Let’s see how!   Neuroscientists [...]

How Failure Is a Friend

Her first job was inspecting parachutes during World War II This person lost her first job at Dunkin’ Donuts for squirting jelly filling all over a customer. His first five businesses left him broke. This other person’s first seven businesses failed. As her first films were complete failures, she was dubbed “Queen of the B [...]

A Brilliant Brain Strategy to Motivate Yourself

Neurology is discovering a stunningly simple strategy for motivating ourselves. Let’s talk about that today. “I really want to finish my college degree.” “I really want to lose this weight.” “I really want to repair that relationship.” All of us really “want” to do things. BUT WANTING IS NOT DOING! So why is so hard to get our [...]